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Meet Jack and Julia: Century Farm Crosses

Meet Jack and Julia:

I want to share the story of Century Farm Crosses with you! Meet Jack and Julia, the husband-and-wife duo behind the small business. It all began in 2016 when Julia wanted a unique barnwood cross for Easter. So her husband, Jack, made one from discarded barnwood on their farm. They live on their family’s farm that dates back to 1896 and renovated the main house to live in many years ago. When Julia was given this first cross, her family and friends began to notice it and really wanted one as well. Thus a small business was born. The wood still comes from their property, and they are made in a converted dairy barn on their farm in Cove City, NC which is twenty minutes away from New Bern, NC. At least 10% from each sale of their crosses is given to their church and charities.

They began by creating simple crosses and have expanded into a few different items as well. We have small ornament crosses, some 10-12 inch crosses and some that are closer to 15-16 inches tall. Then they created what they call their “sharing crosses.” This is a piece of wood that has a cross cut out of it. Their concept is for you to keep one part and share the other with someone else. We have these as well and some are smaller and some are larger.

We are excited to introduce this NC couple into the store because we love their products, we love the fact that they are using their family’s farm to do good. Stop in the store and see their beautiful pieces.


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