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Beginning and ending of each day—it matters!

Each day begins and ends where? —In bed. We fall asleep dreaming of tomorrow and we wake up hoping to catch just a few more minutes of sleep before we start our day. We can’t wait to crawl into that comfy spot each night and finally put our feet up from the day. We spend practically one third of our life sleeping or attempting to—that’s a lot of our time! So, let’s dive into what companies in the US are focused on producing the best American Made sheets, bedding, duvets, blankets and throws. Because, why? It matters!

To my knowledge, there is only four companies in the United States that produce American Made sheets, American Blossom Linens (since 1899), Red Land Cotton (since 1983), Authenticity 50 (since 2011), and Wright (since 2013). And when I say American Made, I mean that the cotton is grown in the United States, it’s then spun in our spinning mills, woven or knitted in the United States, dyed and finished here, cut and sewn, packaged and shipped all in the United States. It’s the companies that do not cut corners to make things cheaper. It’s the companies that support their workers in their town and the companies that EAT, SLEEP, AND BELIEVE in AMERICAN MADE.

If you didn’t know, I grew up in my great-grandfather’s textile mills, a spinning mill, a hosiery mill and a dye house. It was NAFTA that wiped out two of his three mills, but our spinning mill, Hill Spinning Mill, is still standing strong. So, you can see why I so STRONGLY believe in AMERICAN MADE. So, let’s do a deep dive. Here we go.

Sheets and Bedding:

American Blossom Linens: Texan grown cotton, based in Thomaston, GA

Red Land Cotton: Alabama grown cotton, based in Moulton, AL

Authenticity 50: California grown cotton, based in Vancouver, WA

Wright: California grown cotton, based in New York, NY

Blankets, Throws and Coverlets:

American Blossom Linens: Cotton and wool, based in Thomaston, GA

Bates Mill Store (Maine Heritage Weavers): Cotton only, based in Monmouth, MA

Covered in Cotton, Cotton only, Based in Darlington, SC

Faribault Mill: Wool and cotton, based in Faribault, MN

Johnson Woolen Mill: Cotton and wool, Based in Johnson, VT

Made Here New York: Cotton only, Based in Brooklyn, NY

Nantucket Looms: Cotton, wool, cashmere, mohair, alpaca, and silk, Based in Nantucket, MA

Red Land Cotton: Cotton only, based in Moulton, AL

Although we don’t carry sheets and bedding in our store, we wanted to share these brands with you in case you choose to change your sheets, sooner than later—so to speak. You don’t know until you do, and maybe you didn’t know some of these companies! My parents just got a set of Red Land Cotton sheets from me for one of their Christmas presents. I just received a photo from mom this week of my dad smiling as he puts his face up against the freshly made bed—with the Red Land Cotton sheets. (I would share it if I thought I would survive the repercussions, haha.)

Be sure to check out our luxurious cotton throws by Made Here New York in our store, located upstairs. Each blanket is made in Brooklyn, with American grown, spun and dyed cotton. Karen, the owner is a sweetheart and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her more over the years.

If you decide to change your sheets into American Made, share your story with us! Let us know what you choose and how you love them!

-Blythe Leonard, owner and American girl at heart


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