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All the Joy: Mini Farm Friends

Through the hustle and bustle of work and our daily routines of having to accomplish things in life such as laundry, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping etc., sometimes you just need a little joy. Joy comes in many different ways, but sometimes it is just the little things—literally—that bring you the most joy. You always hear of “it’s the thought that counts.” It doesn’t always have to be the biggest gift or the most expensive that makes you the happiest. My mom is the world’s greatest at little “happy to you” gifts as she calls them, which is a small unexpected gift just because.

The first day I met Cassie was at the Thomasville City Parks and Recreation Christmas Bazaar in the gym in November of 2021. She was set up at this little table with Christmas trees and pottery ornaments hanging off the limbs like little peppermints, houses and gingerbread men. At my feet I noticed a little box on the ground that had a little sign that said “Free, Imperfect pieces.” There was this little cow that was just the cutest little cow I have ever seen. It wasn’t any bigger than the tip of my thumb. I said “this cow is so cute! Why do you have a free box?” Her response, “I’m just learning, and I am practicing!” I said, “NO! you need to sell this little cow, it’s so cute!” She grinned and said “no, you just take it with you, and you enjoy that little cow!” So, I took it home and put it on my kitchen window seal so I can see it every time I cook and (wash dishes!)

Almost a year went by, and I asked Cassie if she remembered that little cow. She smiled and said “Yes!” I said, “why don’t you make them for the store? I know people will fall in love with them like I did!” Well, about two weeks later I saw her bringing in a box with her little animals—mini farm friends.

So why did Cassie make that first cow? She said she started creating little animals because she loves to try and make new things and they were fun to create with her scrap clay from other projects.

I got to witness two best friends get out of their car the other day and “play race” each other into the store to grab up their favorite animals before the other. They saw that Cassie brought in a new batch of mini farm friends on our social media posts that morning and couldn’t wait until their lunch break to come pick out their favorites. It was looks of pure joy. This is the joy that I wanted to create in a store that supported artists, makers and small businesses when I decided to create this concept in 2020. Sometimes it is just the little things that bring so much joy.

“I enjoy collecting these small animals because they bring life to my window seal.” – Taylor

“I love the little animals because each one is so unique.” –Pam B.

“Cassie’s animals are small bundles of cuteness overload!” –Holly L.

So cute!

Those ears on that bunny!

How cute are these!?

I just love those duck feet!


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